Hot weather, I broke my heel, I forgot my ID at home, also my mind! No money in my pocket, so much to do, and on top of that something that I have to deal with “stupidity”.

“stupidity” is what I face everyday with people who call them selfs experts in online marketing. And yes they pretend that they know everything about it, about marketing in general actually...
Internet still means for them Facebook, and Google.
And what’s Facebook ? “A website where we share staff”, ahaaaa, and… “We can chat….But I don’t get why people in advertising field are crazy about it”. You heard about community management, storytelling? “Yeah…A Facebook page that you have to manage that’s al”l. Remind you job again “Digital Planner”…If you said so!
But who blames them, we all are always pretending to know everything, just to look professional.

Fake knowledge, fake attitude : “I m in a meeting, call me back”. Whooo big stuff going on…Meeting means, spending some times with their colleagues talking about some shit like usual, or hanging around. Work can wait, it’s the summer don’t bother me, I’m taking a nape.
I sound like a little girl I know, I’m just pissed off… And I decided to put on my blog what I think about life in Tunisia. Just to show that things are uglier than it looks from the outside. #tanbir