Times go by and Ramadan comes and goes. Beside its religious part, Ramadan is also the month of food fantasies, large consumption and extreme spending. Meaning, an opportunity for announcers to strike the market, shake things up, and try to get people stuffed with pasta, yogurt, milk and telecommunication services too!
And that’s what happens. An enormous media invasion takes place each Ramadan. And TV viewers get stuffed, with a dozen of ads prizing singing the praises of those products. Referring to a study made by Sigma conseil, viewers are exposed to 4055 seconds of commercials a day on TV7, 3815 on Hannibla TV, and 1145 on Nessma TV.
Repetitive, time-consuming, and non effective successions of ads, they got it all wrong.

Who am I to judge? Well we all know that to switch your usual milk brand for another one. You have to memorize and to be convinced by the ad message. But after watching 4 commercials, showing happy people eating yogurt, or pasta. There is some inevitable confusion about the information, and ironically the brand and the product itself! Was it a milk or olive oil? No idea !

Sorry for my usual sarcasm. What I want to say is : No need to spend thousands, millions to deliver an ordinary non effective ad. Announcers and agencies have to move to the next era of advertising, they have to change their usual rational approach, trigger emotional responses to their messagin, with new creative ideas. And an important point, they have to build relationships, and emotional connections between brands and people, not brain wash them like the dog in Pavlov experience.

Fortunately, this year some agencies got it right. Thank god ( this the good part ! ), three of them actually : Unik Advertising with its Rouh Jdida Ad, Top net ad by Tracy, and Tunisiana by JWT.

Three words: appealing, different, and creative. The message is clear, and I paid attention to every single detail of the commercials, now I know that the new Candia milk contains 11 vitamins, also I retained the Tunisiana and Top Net Offers. Communication goals achieved! And this is how we can measure publicity effectiveness, and judge a good ad.